Saturday, November 10, 2012

Indian Statue

Indian Statues Magnificence,spirituality,mysticism and beauty define Indian sculpture. The very brilliance and finesse of Indian sculpture murmurs the tales of history while demonstrating the eroticism and spirituality, the mysticism and passion of Indian art form.
Beautiful handmade statues and sculptures of these Hindu Gods and Goddesses are revered as religious and spiritual purposes. They are also admired as precious collectibles for their mythical, symbolical, religious as well as high aesthetic qualities. Browse through our collection of handmade Hindu deity statues available in a variety of materials, designs, sizes and posture. These handcrafted statues and sculptures of Hindu Gods and Goddesses, like, Krishna, Shiva, Lakshmi, Kali, Durga, Nataraja Buddha, Patanjali and Hanuman are revered as votive statues and sculptures as well as for their aesthetic quality. You can buy them for your personal collection or give them as gifts that would be cherished forever.

Immortal Love Radha Krishna Murti Brass Hindu Gods Altar Statue 15"

Spiritual Gift Ganesha Statue Brass Hindu God Ganesh Murti Sculpture Hindu Art 14inches

Chaturbhuj Lord Ganesha Seated Over Chowcki Brass Statue Elephant God Ganesh Sculpture 10 Inches

Baby Ganesha Brass Sculpture Sitting Bal Ganpati Home Decor Religious Gift Statue 7 Inches

Spiritual Gift Ganesha Brass Statue Seated on Lotus Flower Hindu God Ganesh Sculpture 13inch

Lord Ganesha Brass Sculpture Ganesh Seated in Royal Ease Posture Hindu God Statue 12inchs

Ganesha Statue Idol Home D├ęcor Sitting Ganesh Brass Sculpture 12 Inches

Shirdi Sai Baba Brass Statue Yoga Altar Meditation Statue 12 Inches

Fluting Krishna with Radha Under Kadamba Tree Brass Sculpture Hindu Religious Statue 13

Spiritual Gift- Krishna Brass Statue Playing Flute Hindu God Sculpture 13 Inches

Lord Krishna Brass Figurine Hindu Religious Playing Flute Krishna Statue 10 Inches

Buddha Head Brass Religious Sculptures, Collectible, Buddha Statue

Hindu Gods Standing Mahavishnu Statue Indian Gift Preserver Sculpture Idols 15 Inches

Lord Krishna Playing Flute Brass Statue Collectible Figurines 7 Inches

Shiv Parivaar Hindu Statue Lord Shiva Parvati Nandi Ganesh Worship Idol Brass Sculpture 8 Inches

Standing Shiva Worship Statue with Trident Handmade Brass Sculpture 12 Inches

Three Face of Shiva Standing with Nandi Brass Statue Sculpture of Mahadev Hindu God 12 Inches

Panchmukhi Ganesha Brass Sculpture Hindu Wisdom God Statue Ganesh 9 Inch

Shree Balaji Brass Statue Figurine Sculpture Meditation Gift Hindu Idol 11"

Hanuman Statue Carrying Mountain of Herbs Altar Idol Brass Sculpture India 10.5 Inch

Seated Ganesha Statue Good Luck Ganesh with Mouse Altar Idol Sculpture Brass 9 Inches

Yoga Gift- Hindu Gods Statues of Ganesha Standing Brass Sculpture Idol Blessing Posture

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