Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Kali Statue

Worshiping the mother as God is a most natural thing to do. Belief in a Mother Goddess can be found in almost all races and religions, and especially in almost all Mother Goddess played an important role. Considering the the first being a child relates to is its nurturing mother, and considering  that primitive people who had no scientific knowledge must have watched the miracle of birth with wonder and awe, it comes as no surprise that our remote ancestors greatly revered the mother. When ancient people began to conceive of a higher supernatural being that would nourish and protect them from evil, they naturally conceived it in the image of a mother.

Spiritual Sculptures

Hindu Goddess

Antique Stone Statue

Hindu D├ęcor Kali Statue

Handmade Hindu Goddess Statue

Kali Religious Statue

Kali Standing on Shiva Statue

Supreme Goddess Kali Statue


Kali Dancing Statue


Hindu Goddess