Thursday, August 23, 2012

Architectural Antiquities collectable

Antique collectable item very importance for home decor and people like these types of item. Our antique furniture item is hand made and they are very antique. These items show the old Indian culture. These are the best collectable furniture items for your home. In present time rich people like to keep these types of Antique collectable furniture item in home for decorate purpose.
 The all Antiques and collectibles item by Mogulinteriordesigns only brings for you from India. All furniture item mantels, corbels, Iron Cooking pots, tribal mask and decorative brass vases are available on our site. Every Indian Antique furniture item has own history and story which is related to tradition and culture of India.

India Tribal Hand Carved Wood Mask Antique







Ornate Brass Planter Intricately Carved Bronze Finished Brass Planter







Gift Idea-antique Hand Carved and Painted Wooden Mask 20 Inches






Wooden copper Decorative Pedestal From India







Home Decor-Indian Antique Art Iron Pot






Indian Furniture Antique Ox Cart Wooden Bench with Brass and Iron Overlay




Large Antique Copper Cooking Pot Made in India





Antique Wooden Cooking Bowl From India





Decorative Indian Wood Brackets Corbels Hand Carved Teak wood






Wooden Bowl Antique India Wooded Hand Crafted Umbrella Stand