Thursday, October 24, 2013

Hanuman Sculpture

Hanuman made his first appearance in literature in the Sanskrit epics, Ramayana. This epics, acknowledged his prowess and divinity. As bards travelled across the land, Hanuman's simian fears, superhuman strength, magical powers, as well as his agility and intelligence, amused audiences and won him many admirers. He was the archetypal hero who uses strength and trickery to overpower his opponents. For the simple folk, he was sankat-mochan, the remover of problems such as ill health, baneful astrological influences and sorcery.

Hanuman Carrying Mountain Statue

Hanuman Brass Sculpture

Healer Hanuman Statue

Hindu God Hanuman

Blessing Hanuman Statue

Spiritual Statue

Standing Hanuman Statue

Idol Brass Sculpture

Religious Gift

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Krishna Home Decor Sculpture

Sri Krishna is the eighth incarnation of Vishnu and is considered to be the most complete one. Like Sri Ram, Sri Krishna is widely worshipped by Hindus around the world. Of the four Dhams, two of them, the jagannath temple at Puri and the other at Dwarka, are Dedicated to Sri Krishna. Magnificent tamales dedicated to him are spread all over the world.

Fluting Krishna


Dancing Krishna Sculpture


Krishna Statue


 Krishna Cow Brass Statue


 Religious Statue


 Lord Krishna Sculpture


Om Krishna Statue