Sunday, October 14, 2012

Lord Bhudda Collectibles

Lord Buddha is neither creator or judge, but one whose example offers a path towards self-realization, a path predicated upon the believer's capacity to overcome ego and cravings.Central to the Buddha's message is the gaining of wisdom,which consists of limitless compassion for others as well as the ability to move towards the ultimate goal of freedom from suffering, craving and delusion.
The Buddha explained that he was not a God. He was simply enlightened. He was only teaching what he had experienced. It did not need divine intervention. Anyone could do it by understanding the true nature of the mind, control of thoughts and through meditation. Buddha preached about human suffering and how it could be avoided. He preached the need for love, peace and non-violence.

Abhaya Mudra Buddha Pose Figurine Decoration Statue Sitting Buddha Altar Statue Buddhism

Buddhism Buddha Standing Buddha Statue Meditation Zen Garden Brass 14"

Lord Buddha Statue, the Universal Teacher Antiquated Brass Buddha Sculpture 7"

Buddha Statue, Buddhist Medicine Buddha Collectible Sculpture 22 Inch

Sleeping Buddha Figurine Brass Buddha Statue India 10"



Buddha Figurine Sculpture Standing Buddha Brass Garden Statue From India 21"

Meditating Buddha Hand Carved Altar Statue Buddhism India 6.5 Inch

Buddha Statue Buddhist Art Sculpture Home Decor Decorative Sleeping Buddha in Stone 12x8 Inch

Buddha Statue- Buddhist Healing Medicine Religious Figurine Stone Sculpture 8 Inches

Meditating Statue of Sarnath Buddha Stone Sculptures Collectible Figurine 8"

Stone Finished Meditating Buddha Statue Altar Sculpture Figurine 8 Inches


Buddha Statue Buddhist Art Sculpture Home Decor Decorative Sleeping Buddha in Stone 12x8 Inch

Statue Collectibles Standing Buddha Religious Brass Figurines 16"

Buddha Statue Medicine Buddha Collectible Buddhism Figurine 8"

Buddha Statue Buddhist Healing Medicine Religious Figurine 9 Inches Brass Statue

Standing Buddha Statue Collectibles and Figurines Brass Sculpture 13"

Buddha Statue Meditation Buddhist Monk Brass Zen Figurine 12"

Thousand Hands Avalokiteshvara Buddha, Buddhist God of Compassion and Longevity Statue 15 Inch

Standing Buddha Statue Buddhist Healing Medicine Religious Figurine 14 Inch

Buddhist Statues Buddha Tara Brass Sculpture Gift Idea 8 Inch

Brass Statue of Meditating Buddha Handmade Collectible 7"

Meditating Buddha Stone Statue Asian Art Patio Decor 8"

Sitting Pose Buddha Figurine Decoration Statue Meditation Decor Brass Collectible 13