Friday, September 7, 2012

Home Decor Krishna Sculpture

 Krishna is the eighth incarnation or avatar of Lord Vishnu. Krishna is famous for playing the flute. His flute playing would beguile the cow herder's daughters whom were all in love with Krishna. Krishna, besides being a hero and central figure of Bhagavad-Gita, was seen as an affirmation of life. He loved life and lived his time on this earth to the fullest. The flute he plays is decorated with a yali head on the end of it. A yali is a mythical beast that is a cross between a lion, an elephant and an alligator. 

Lord Krishna Idol Stone Hindu Statue Sculpture 4 Inches

Hindu Religious Radha Krishna Under the Kadamba Tree Stone Statue 4"

Dancing Radha Krishna Under the Kadamba Tree Stone Statue 4 Inch

Krishna and Radha Stone Statue Love Gifts Figurines 4 Inches

Krishna Statue- Krishna Lord Hindu God Stone Sculpture Spiritual Gift 4 Inches

Krishna Radha Stone Statue Religious Gifts Figurine 4 Inches

Fluting Krishna and Radha Under the Kadamba Tree Stone Statue 4 Inch

Fluting Lord Krishna Under the Kadamba Tree Stone Statue 4 Inch




Hindu God Religious Statue Krishna Brass Sculpture 7 Inch

Om Krishna Statue Playing Flute the Cosmic Dancer Hindu Murti 8"

Krishna Dancing Over the Serpent Hindu God Brass Statue Murti Altar Idol Gift 11"

Fluting Krishna Statue Under Kadamba Tree Hindu God Sculpture 14"

Hindu Deity Bala Krishna Statue Dancing Krishna Murti Brass India God Sculpture 11"

Brass Krishna Statue Playing Flute Hindu God Sculpture 15"

Hindu God Religious Statue Lord Krishna and Radha Brass Sculpture 10"

Swing Krishna Statue Altar Murti Hindu God Brass Sculpture 8"


Lord Krishna Brass Figurines Hindu Religious Sculpture 13 Inch


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