Saturday, September 1, 2012

Home Decor- Ganesha Statue

 It is said that lord ganesha is the husband of two wives viz Riddhi (wealth) and Siddhi (success). Ganesha is said to be the wise and intelligent god. Ganesha's elder brother is kartikeya, and he is also addressed as skanda. His vehicle is peacock. Although Ganesha is the younger son, on account by all gods as the one who would be worshiped first. Once ganesha and Kartikeya both came before their parents lord shankara and Goddess parvati at tha same time, and both simultaneously requested that since they are now grown-up they would like to enter wedlock. Both the son's request to get married presented a difficult situation for lord Shankara as he married presented a difficult situation for lord Shankara as he knew that if he accepts one son's demand the other would be hurt. He therefore, ordered that whoever would first complete a pilgrimage of all the holy place of the world or whoever encircle the whole world first would acquire the right to get married first. Kartikeya immediately flew off on his peacock for the round of the earth. Ganesha had as a vehicle tiny mouse and that could move only at a moderate speed, but he had sharp powers of thinking. He knew that all been mentioned several times in them that shiva himself comprises the macro-universe. So he immediately went to his parents- Shiva and Parvati and requested them to sit together. Then with true devotion and reverence; he encircled them not once, but seven times. He then went and laid himself prostrate the task son on what premise do you claim that you have encircled the entire earth? As of now you have not even started out on your round to encircle the world- you have just encircled us". To this Ganesha replied "O Lord; you yourself have written the scriptures and the scriptures say that whoever encircles his parents with true devotion and reverence - gains the fruits of all the pilgrimages of the world. Now since you yourself have written the scriptures they cannot be incorrect. Tell me isn't that true?" Lord Shiva and parvati were both amazed with the reply and could not refute the plea. Meanwhile Kartikeya was encircling the world on his peacock and he was surprised to see the footprints of Ganesha's mouse preceding him wherever he went. kartikeya could not understand how ganesha was moving so fast and was always ahead of him Thus,lord Ganesha won the competition and married the two daughter of Prajapati. Their names were Riddhi and Siddhi respectively.

Sitting Ganesha India Idols Vinayak Murti Hindu Gods Statue Brass Sculpture 12"

Lord Ganesha Brass Collectible Figurines Hindu Religious Statue 9.5 X 6 X 4 Inches

Ganesha Statue- Ganesh Elephant Head God of Success Gift Idea

Gift Idea- Sitting Ganesha on Palm Hindu God Brass Statue India 9.5

Blessing Ganesha Vinayak Murti Hindu Gods Statue Ganesh Brass Sculpture 13"

Panchmukhi Ganesha Brass Sculpture Hindu Wisdom God Statue Ganesh 9 Inch

Lord Ganesha Statues Murti Idol Hindu God Statue Brass Sculpture

Sitting Ganesha Brass Murti Alter Idol Chaturbhuja Ganesh Statue 15 Inch

Ganesh Stone Sculptures Sitting Ganesha Statue 5.6 Inches

Decorative Carved Sitting Ganesha Hindu God Stone Statue 7 Inch

Dancing Ganesha on Mouse Stone Statue Ganesh Altar Idol 5 Inch

Ganesha (Ganesh) Sitting - 10" Stone Statue - Made in India Collectible Hinduism Sculpture

Sale - Ganesh- Lord of Prosperity & Fortune- Ganesha Statue- Stone Sculpture 12 Inch

Ganesh Idol Altar Statue Dancing Ganesha Hindu God Stone Statue 12 Inches

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