Monday, September 9, 2013

Shiva Shakti Stone Sculpture

Shiva meaning 'the Good God is the third member of the triad.He is also named as Mahesh or Mahadeva.He is many sided and multi-colouirful as compared to many of the other gods including Vishnu.

Shviva is represented in variouse ways, but the distinctive characteristics of this god are (1)his seat,which is incariably either the ski8n of a tiger or a panther, (2)a number of cobras all around his neck and shoulders, (3)his long matted hair tied into a mop atop his head, (4) the crescent that he wears on the mop of his hair,(5)the sacred river Ganga falling upon his head and flowing by his side,(6) the trident (trishula),the  symbol of his power,97)the sacred bull,and(8) the mendicat's bowl.
 Besides these symbols another very important physical Characteristic of Shiva is his vertical third eye.

Indian Hindu God Shiva

Hindu God Ardhnarishwar

God Shiva Figurines Brass Sculpture

Shiva Mahadeva Murti Stone Statue

Yogi Shiv Spiritual Statue

Shiva Mahadeva

Shiva Parvati Ardhnarishwar Stone Statue

Lord Shiva Brass Handmade Statue

Lord Ardhnarishwar

Lord Shiva Parvati Nandi Ganesh Idol

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