Friday, June 7, 2013

Buddha Spiritual Statue

Buddha statue is perfect for your desk or work space and serves as a charming small gift.Buddha statues symbolize protection and peace in one's home or garden.Buddha statue comes with beautiful hand carving work on it. The attractive designs carved on this statue makes them perfect to be kept in luxurious and modern drawing rooms as a symbol of luck, wealth and prosperity.


Buddhist Stone Sculpture, Buddha Spiritual Statue, Yoga Gifts 10 Inch

Buddha Statue,hindu God Buddhist Handmade Stone Sculpture Yoga Spiritual Gifts 12"

Goodluck Gift- Laughing Buddha Inspirational Religious Statue From India 7x5x4 Inch

Statue Collectibles Yoga Gift Standing Buddha Brass Figurines 16"

Sleeping Buddha Meditation Yoga Figurine Brass Buddha Statue India 10"

Meditating Buddha Spiritual Statue, Buddhist Brass Sculpture, Yoga Gifts 8"

Blessing Buddha Spiritual Statue, Buddhist Brass Sculpture, Yoga Gifts 13"

Smiling Buddha Statues Brass Standing Buddha Brass Figurines Asian Art Garden Decor 48"

Buddha Statue Buddhist Art Sculpture Home Decor Decorative Sleeping Buddha in Stone 12x8 Inch

Lord Buddha Murti - Dharmachakra Mudra Buddha Stone Statue 8 Inch

Buddha Statue - Meditating Buddha Stone Statue 8 Inch

Lord Buddha Statue - Preaching Buddha Stone Statue 8.5 Inches

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