Monday, April 8, 2013

Meditation Sculpture


Shiva Statue- Brass Shiva with Nandi, the Bull Meditation Sculpture 8"

Meditation Buddha Statue Collectibles and Figurines Brass Sculpture 5"

Religious Statue Krishna Brass Sculpture Playing Flute 7 Inch

Durga Brass Spiritual Sculpture Durga Idol Statue Yoga Gifts 6"

Brass Ganesh Statue- Ganesha Seated Over Leaf Meditation Gift 6

Hanuman Statue Standing with Mace Hinduism God Brass Idol 12" India

Krishna Dancing Over the Serpent Hindu God Brass Statue Murti Altar Idol Gift 11"

Yoga Decor Ganesha Statue Sitting Ganesh in Conch Brass Figurine 9"

Standing Ganesh Statue in Conch Ganesh Brass Idol Hindu Murti 10"

Buddha Statue, Yoga Hindu God Buddhist Handmade Brass Sculpture Spiritual Gifts 14"

Blessing Hanuman Spiritual Statue, Hindu God Hanuman Brass Sculpture, Yoga Gifts 8"

Lord Krishna Fluting Brass Sculpture Hindu Spiritual Statue Meditaion Altar Brass Idol 15"

Dancing Bala Krishna Brass Sculpture Hindu Spiritual Statue Spectacular Brass Idol ,Red Patina 11"

Buddha Figurine Sculpture Standing Buddha Brass Garden Statue From India 21"

Buddhism Buddha Standing Buddha Statue Meditation Zen Garden Idol Brass 14"

Dancing Ganesha Collectible Hinduism Sculpture Copper Patina Brass Statue 6 Inch, Yoga Room Decor

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