Friday, February 1, 2013

Lord Shiva - The Yoga Teacher

Shiva meaning "THE GOOD GOD IS THE THIRD MEMBER OF THE TRIAD." He is also named as Mahesh or Mahadeva( Greatest God).
Lord Shiva Meditation Statue

Shiva's another well know name is Yogiraja, i.e., the Lord of Yoga. He is himself represented as the perfect or the greatest ascetic. His is the last word in austerity, penance and meditation. His method of yoga is different from rituals and therefore in some earlier Hindu scripture, Shiva is accused of teaching the secrets of higher truths to those who are low-born or who are not properly qualified for ritual practices.

 To Lord Shiva is attributed, the revelation to mankind the method and technique of Yoga, which in these days are very popular in the west.

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